Admin Interface

This doc page explains the tools and options provided via the <wordpress admin page when the plugin is active.


The settings section allows you to control some of the basic wetterturnier plugin settings. Please note that changes will immediately affect the tournament. Settings you can change in here:

[Closing time]
Closing time: the time when the bet-form will be closed.
[Tournament offset]
actually the bet-form closes N minutes after the official closing time, however, can also be set to zero. Was a requirement from the admins while the tool was developed.
[Bet-form opening]
how many days before the official tournament-date the bet-form should be opened. Only the next tournament will be shown, always. If you have scheduled one tournament a day, and the opening starts 2 days before, the bet-form will only be available for the next one, not for two, or even more tournaments in the future.
[Date format]
how dates should be displayed on the frontend (date only).
[Datetime format]
how date and time should be displayed on the frontend.
[Float number format]
there are two options. One character can be specified which is used as the thousand separator (e.g., 1.035, english format), the other one specifies the decimal separator.
[Terms links]
Depending on the language we have to show our users the english or german version of the “Terms and Conditions” or “Nutzungsbedingungen”.
[Number of bet-days]
currently two (e.g., on a friday-tournament bets have to be placed for Saturday, and Sunday). Could also be changed. Note: large parts of the code are ready to handle more than two days. However, some core methods are not. The database design only allows two forecast bet days at the moment. Would require quite a bit of programming to change this (Reto, June 2017).
see settings page.


The scheduler is the tournament planner. A tournament could take place on every day of the year. By simply clicking the dates you can specify if there will be an official tournament, or not. The calendar has tree different states. Default: no tournament (blueish). Then there are two additional states, where one specifies “that there will be a tournament” (green), and one that “there is no official tournament” (red). While the default just does not announce anything, the explicit “no tournament this day” will be highlighted on the frontend.

Deactivate Users


Description missing.


Helps you managing your groups. A group can consist of several human or automated players. The mean bet of all active group members will take place in the tournament as well. Please note that users can join, but also leave groups. The system will store these infos. New groups can be created, existing groups can be set to inactive. WARNING: as soon as a group was set inactive, it can’t be reactivated again!

Group Members

While you are able to change the group settings in the group menu entry, you can change the members/users in a group in here. It allows you to add users to a group (set them as active group members), or remove them from a group (will set them inactive). As long as a user is active in a group, his/her bet will be included while computing the mean group bet for a certain tournament. Note that you - as an administrator - are able to add random people to random groups. However, there is a small application form where users can endorse themselves to get a new member of an existing group. An admin has to approve/reject these endorsements (see group application).

Users count as active group members when they have been activated on the day of the tournament or have not been deactivated before the end of the day of the tournament. An example: let’s assume that there was a tournament on the 24th of June 2017 (2017-06-23). If you add a user to a group till “2017-06-23 23:59:59” it will be included in the tournament (even if the tournament starts at 16 UTC!. Users which have been members at 00 UTC of the day of the tournament will be included as well. If you disable a user in a certain group on the day of the tournament (later or equal to “2017-06-23 00:00:00”) it will be included in the mean bet. In SQL this is (see python backend code, database.get_bet_data() function): […] AND gu.since <= ‘2017-06-24 00:00:00’ AND (gu.until IS NULL OR gu.until >= ‘2017-06-23 00:00:00’)

Group Application

For managament purposes, we allow registered (and logged in) users to endorse themselves for a specific group. However, these endorsements need to be approved by an administrator. Here you can find all active user-requests to get part of a group. You are allowed to reject, or accept these endorsments. It might be nice to inform the user on your decision.


The wetterturnier plugin allows you to remove, and add cities. If you do so, please ensure that you also add some stations to the city as a city without stations wont get any observations. Note: each station can only be mapped to one specific city. Stations can have specific parameter specifications - this allows to specify cities with more, or less parameters (e.g., if you have one city where a certain parameter wont’t be observed at all). When you delete a city, the city wont be removed from the system. The city will only be hidden for the user (set to inactive). The data corresponding to the city won’t be lost therefore, and you are able to “switch a city off” for a certain time - if needed. Disabled parameters: If parameters are disabled they will not be included in the tournament (the bet-form won’t show them as soon as they are disabled).


Each city needs at least one station. Observations are bounded to stations, rather than cities. If more than only one station is set, the judging (points the user get) is typically based on all of these - and if a user tip lies between the range of the observed values, maximum points will be assigned for this value. That was at least how the original Berliner wetterturnier was designed. Each station consists of a name, a wmo station number, and a list of parameters not observed. The name can be anything, however, the station number is crucial. Observations are directly mapped to this station number. Parameters which are not observed at all (e.g., total cloud cover, as there is no observer and no instrument) can be labeled here as well. Inactive Parameters: Inactive parameters will get inactive next midnight. Parameters can be activated and deactivated for specific time periods, the system keeps track of it.


These are the parameters the use have to specify. Plese note that parameters can be set active/inactive on city level (see cities) You are allowed to add new parameters here. But please note that each new parameter requires some changes on (i) how the observations are prepared, and (ii) how the bets will be judged. The interface furthermore allows to set a specific data range. E.g., for temperature, the allowed range lies between -50/+50 (degrees Celsius). If a user tries to submit something outside, the “betclass” object will reject these and inform the user. Parameters cant be deleted. If you don’t need a parameter again, change the cities-settings (and uncheck the parameter there).


Allows to define webcams. Each webcam has to be mapped to a city.


Please keep in mind that embedding webcams most often require permission from the maintainer/owner!


You are allowed to change user bets. Please note that the system will store the information who changed the values. This will be visible to the users as well (transparency). All submitted bets will be shown in the list below, does not matter if they were valid (all parameters are ok), or invalid (at least one parameter missing). If the user is in the list, you are able to just edit the bet and save the data to the database. If a user was not able to access the internet, and hasn’t submitted ANY value, then he/she won’t show up in the list of bets below. The form on top (add new bet) can be used to insert a bet for a specific user/city. NOTE: this is only allowed for the current tournament, not for older ones. The simple reason: there is a cronjob running every few minutes computing the points - but only for the ongoing tournament. Changing old bets would therefore have no effect on the points and obscure the data (points/bets wont match anymore). If you change something here, the cronjob should compute the new points within the next few minutes (not live!!).


The observations of the last tournament can be changed here. Please note that the system stores who changed values, this information will also be visible to our users. Like for the bets the observations can only be changed for the ongoing/last tournament as they will directly affect the points and ranking. There is a cronjob running in the background, computing the user points every few minutes. If you change observations, this cron-job should re-compute the points within a few minutes, but not live.



Experimental, not yet documented.

Rerun Requests


Documentation missing.